Group Courses of our Spanish School in Ecuador

Group lessons are an economical and an entertaining way to learn Spanish. Groups consist of two to six students with similar levels of Spanish competency. This gives the students of the group the opportunity to support each other in class. Group classes allow students to learn in a relaxed atmosphere. This course can be taken for 4 hours a day.

The majority of our Spanish students decide to go for group classes because they want to learn Spanish with other classmates with a similar level of Spanish and in the same time change ideas or personal experiences which for us and for most of our Spanish students is perfect, but other people decide for group courses because they think that a group course is the only way to find new friends and learn in a more relaxed atmosphere.

In fact, our Institute organizes activities and offers many opportunities to find other students from different nationalities, with similar ages from all of our other Spanish students. How fast students learn in group classes and the amount of information received in group classes may be less than in individual teaching, but please remember that most of our students want to learn the Spanish language in a short period of time and in an effective way.

Participating as part of a group offers the opportunity to learn from both the teacher and fellow students. Students offer support to one another and make friends as they exchange personal experiences and ideas.

Though group classes tend to be low in stress, it is important to study seriously and complete the daily assignments so that the group as a whole can progress steadily and quickly. If a student finds that the group they are in is proceeding too fast or too slow for their desires or abilities, adjustments can be made to change that student to individual classes or to a group more appropriate to their abilities.

If you think that the learning speed of your group in general is much slower or so fast for you, you should participate in another group or change your group classes to private Spanish courses, which will be organized according to your personal needs, interests and teaching preferences.

In order to participate in a group Spanish course you also must consider the period you want to study Spanish with us, the average age of the other participants in the Spanish course, your previous level of Spanish, etc.

The school staff considers every student's personal needs, previous Spanish knowledge, interests, goals and teaching preferences to assure the best possible educational and cultural experience.

Стоимость от US$ 129 в неделю.

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  • Improve your Spanish and make new friends
  • Visit Quito and its Historic Center
  • Visit Church of San Francisco de Quito
  • See “El Panecillo”
  • See “Quito's Golden Church”
  • Visit la Ronda
  • Visit the Middle of the World Monument & Museum
  • Make experiments in the “Middle of The World”
  • Stand on the “Equator Line”
  • Touch the sky with your finger at “Teleferico de Quito”
  • Walk to Pichincha mountain
  • Enjoy a good view of Quito from Pichincha mountain
  • Get a good view of the city of Quito from “La Basilica”
  • Visit the Indigenous Market of Otavalo
  • Enjoy the sacred waterfall of Peguche
  • Join a trip and walk around Cuicocha lake
  • Discover Mojanda
  • Explore the Amazon Jungle
  • Discover the rout of the waterfalls
  • Relax in lovely hot springs
  • Have an incredible adventure in the amazing Galapagos Islands
  • And much more!

Включает/ Не включено


Трансфер из аэропорта Кито.

Тестирование и еженедельная оценка

Обучающие материалы, книги с грамматикой и упражнениями, тетрадь

Индивидуальное внимание к вашим потребностям и подготовка программы для вас.

Трансферты в и из аэропортов, если выберите курсы в наших разных локациях.

Кофе, чай, перекус в виде свежеиспеченных булочек.

Уроки танцев, дважды в неделю, в Кито

Чистая питьевая вода в Кито и Отовало

Wi-Fi в школе и местах размещения от школы, кроме как в Джунглях Амазонии.

По средам, культурная программа после занятий.

Карта Кито.

Сертификат об обучении.

Помощь при размещении, программы волонтерства в Кито, Отовало и Эквадореr.

24 часа поддержка при неотложных состояниях.

Неотложная медицинская помощь 24/7. Важно: студентам необходимо иметь страховку.

Помощь в получении визы, если пожелаете увеличить срок своего пребывания в Эквадоре.

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Трасфер в аэропорт

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Личные расходы

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